Elaine-iaK’s Chocolate Label & Wrapper Collection




*Counted duplicates if brand was from different countries

(Cadbury:  Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, England, Egypt, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Newzealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, U.S.A.)

ALL CAPS:  Countries I have visited

Argentina- Cadbury, Cofler, Bonafide

AUSTRALIA– Cadbury, M&M, Darrell Lea, Margaret River Chocolate Company, Paton’s, Federation Chocolate, Cocoa Farm, Coles, Blue Day Chocolate

AUSTRIA– Delikatessa, Suchard Velma (milk- excellent), Zotter, Rosenhauer’s Weiner, Anzinger’s Wiener, Choceur (Aldi)

BELGIUM– Leonidas, Godiva, Cote d’Or, Callebaut, Wittamier, Neuhaus, Swartenbroeckx, Pierre Marcolini, Chocolat Café-Tasse, Corne, Starbrook Airlines, Galler, Dolfin, The Old Chocolate House, Roose’s Chocolate City, Chocolatier Mondose, Bouchard L’escaut, Hamlet, Chocolatier Sukerbuyc, Isis, Daskalide’s

BRAZIL– Arcor, Garoto, Milka

BULGARIA– Cboie (milk-good), Miemeh

CANADA– Cadbury, Roger’s, Terranostra, Purdy’s, House of Brussels, Neilson (very good-creamy), Chocolate Arts, Canada True, Laura Secord

CHILE– Ambrosoli, Costa (Costamilk- excellent), Privilegio, Cofler


COLOMBIA– Chocolatina, Colombina, Santander (70%- excellent)


CROATIA– Kras (milk- excellent), Rial, Zvecevo, Fantasy, Kandit (milk- ok)

CZECH REPUBLIC– Clever (milk- store brand- excellent and inexpensive @ .45 per bar), Nestle

DENMARK– Toms, Eilles

Egypt– Cadbury, Mandolin

ENGLAND– Cadbury, Thorntons, Nestle Aero, Green & Black’s

ESTONIA– Kalev (milk- excellent)

FINLAND– Frazer, Royal, Anthon Berg, Panda (milk- good- bought in Porvoo grocery store), Pirkka (milk- good, creamy, inexpensive), Brunberg

FRANCE– Cadbury/ Poulain, Bernachon (my favorite truffles- excellent), Valrhona, Yves, Thuries, Casino (milk- excellent- bought in Eze grocery store-inexpensive), Nestle, Govenor’s Table, Suchard, Varda, Cemoi, Monbana

GERMANY– Feordora, Maurinus, Mauxion (milk- good), Milka (milk- good), Ritter, Heilemann, Mozartkugel, Hachez, Divine, Bellarom, Trumpe, J.D. Gross, Alpia, Bohme, Moser-Roth

HUNGARY– Tibi (milk & dark- good), Boci (milk- excellent), Jackpot (milk- bad), Szerecsi (milk- excellent), Stuhmer (milk- bad), Piros 

India– Amul

IRELAND– Cadbury, The Queenstown Story, Galaxy, Butlers Irish, Guiness, Irish Beanie Bar (Shamrock Gift Company)

Israel– Elite

ITALY– Novi, Duca degli Abrazzi, Perugina, Domori, Benedictine, Larzaroni, Icam (milk- excellent), Caffarel, Sorini (dark w/ chili pepper- very good), Bacio, Venchi, Witor’s (truffle-excellent)

JAMAICA– High Gate

Japan– Meiji

Malaysia– Cadbury, Tango

MONACO– Chocolaterie de Monaco

NEW ZEALAND– Cadbury (milk- excellent- My favorite milk chocolate!), Death By Chocolate

NETHERLANDS– Koetjesreep, Verkade (milk-excellent 36%), Baronie, VanGaudae, Mousset, Le Marche, Zuiderzee Museum

NORWAY– Freia, Nidar

PERU- Lacta

Poland– Cadbury, Inda, Goplana, Solidarnosc


ROMANIA– Heidi (milk-good), Novatini (milk- bad), Primola (milk- good), Poiana (milk- good), Milka

RUSSIA– Cadbury, 9 other brands (names unknown)

Scotland– Duncans, Kshocolat

SERBIA– Simka (milk- very good)


SLOVAKIA– Orion (milk- good), Figaro (milk-good)

South Africa– Cadbury

SPAIN– Lacasitos, Blanxart, Continente, Nestle, Chocolate Sole, Valor, Kinder, Bodega Guadalest, Zahor, La Heredad, Marcos Tonda Tonda, Elgorriaga, Trapa, A La Taza, Spar

SWEDEN– Sockerbageriet, Marabou, Ikea

Switzerland– Nestle, Lindt, Frigor, Alprose, Goldkein, Villars, Swiss Frey, Equal Exchange, Swiss Delice, Munz, Trader Joe’s, Teuscher, Kraft Jacobs Suchard

Trinidad– Charles

Turkey- Elvan

United Arab Emirites- Galaxy

U.S.A. – Richard Donnelly, Scharffen Berger, Starbucks, Twin Oaks, Revival, Endangered Species Chocolate Company, The Chocolate Gallery, Euphoria Chocolate Company, Redstone’s, Choxie, Hershey’s Cacao Reserve, Chocolove, Munson’s, Theobroma, Nestle, Alaska Wild Berry Products, Fairway, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Chuao, Carbolite



6 thoughts on “Elaine-iaK’s Chocolate Label & Wrapper Collection

  1. Wow! What a wonderful collection. I simply love chocolate but put weight on if I only dare to look at a chocolate bar. I live in Birmingham, England, not too far from where the Cadbury’s chocolate is made. When the wind is in the ‘right’ direction the air is filled with the sumptuous aroma of rich chocolate. Bliss!!!


    • P.S. Graham, are you the same Graham from Birmingham, England, from the USMS discussion forums? And, are you the same Graham who does that INCREDIBLE miniature art work??? If so, a HUGE thanks for visiting my blog!


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